Best Business Management Tools for A Small Business

Running a small business is both exciting and challenging, especially if you don’t have any business background. By now, you probably know how much work and time goes into managing all the aspects of a business – from preparing all necessary business documents and permits, through marketing, hiring employees, accounting, leasing and the list goes on.

A common realization of many business owners is that managing a small business isn’t all roses. You can expect a bumpy ride especially during the first year that can get you overwhelmed. According to a business broker from Florida, many business owners end up closing or selling their businesses in the first year due to burnout and stress.

But this shouldn’t be the case. There are lots of tools, services, and platforms that can help you run your small business more efficiently and make your life a lot simpler.

Below are some of the best business management tools every small business should be using.


Designed to be an all-in-one package for managing a business, GSuite by Google Cloud lets you set up a professional email, buy a domain, launch and manage digital marketing, analyze online presence, connect with colleagues, access cloud storage, and so much more. This tool comes with numerous apps that will help business owners effectively manage their operations within the Google platform. It works seamlessly across different devices and comes at an affordable monthly rate.


Xero is a web-based accounting tool for small businesses. It automates all your business accounting needs thereby allowing you: access cash flow in real-time, process invoices and quotes, track inventory, sales, and purchases, reconcile accounts, send purchase orders, manage utilities and expenses, manage payroll, and import data from QuickBooks to Xero. Using this online accounting platform, you can get a clear picture of your business’ financial standing. It would also avoid you costly tax issues since your accountant has an access to organized accounting records. Here’s great news: Xero isn’t hard on the budget.


Regardless of the size of a business, communication is essential for the efficiency of operations. Slack offers a business-oriented communication platform that allows collaboration among team members. It can be downloaded in most mobile devices making sure that everyone in the team receives communications in real-time. You can set-up groups where members can communicate with each other about specific tasks or projects. Aside from instant-message, Slack can also do phone calls, message search, drag-and-drop file sharing, and even fun features like sending a “taco” for acknowledging good performance.


Social media has become a game-changer in the global marketplace. And it is crucial for small businesses to maintain an effective social media presence. However, small businesses don’t really require a complex (often costly) social media management tool. A simple social management platform, such as HootSuite, is usually enough for small businesses to maintain their social channels and know what clients are saying about the business. This software lets you manage different social media, track the number of followers and interaction to your posts, interact with followers, and schedule posts. The paid versions come with added features such as custom analytics report, custom branded URLs, analytic data exports, platform certification, and even an extended training. All of these can help you manage your social networks and further grow your business.


Manpower is essential to the success of a small business — that’s why conducting a thorough hiring process is crucial. Sadly, hiring the right staff can be complicated as this requires tedious background checks, employment verifications, reference checks, identity verifications, educational background validation, and so much more. This is where GoodHire comes in handy. This tool offers reliable, quick background checks on prospective employees thereby ensuring that you hire the best people in your team.


Trello offers a platform for an efficient team and project management. It features a simple, straightforward platform where you can create various cards and boards, add notes, set deadlines, post announcements, and other information that your team needs. It works like a digital notepad that helps team members keep track of projects.


Don’t let the complexities of managing a small business overwhelm you. Sure, there are a lot of challenges ahead but by using the right tools and technologies, you can make your life as a business owner a lot simpler and more exciting. There are many other solutions and tools out there that you can use to manage your business efficiently towards success!